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Vittoria Masdea

Masdea Vittoria was born in Kassel, Germany, in 1977.

He graduated from the DAMS of Turin in History of Modern Art and

later, guided by her own artistic talent, she specializes in Fashion Design.

After an experience in the fashion industry, where he has the opportunity to develop his own aesthetic sensibility,

his skills in the field of graphics and design, he discovers his passion for wood and its unique and changing characteristics.

The charm of wood that combines lightness and strength, flexibility and versatility, the particularity of the unique and unrepeatable grain combined with its elegant and sinuous design, thus lead to the creation of unique pieces. For some years he has been collaborating with the restaurant world, seeking innovative solutions with his own design that enhance the products of the territory by combining aesthetics and functionality.

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The Design makes the Artist's internal vibrations visible



Walnut inlaid chestnut table,

which reproduces clusters  

It was born to celebrate the passion for wine

and for the Italian wine tradition.

Year 2019

Wine Bank (Pollenzo)

Designer Vittoria Masdea, Inlay

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Master table in solid chestnut

inlaid in canaletto walnut

which reproduces  the logo of the Viano Michele winery.

The strong shapes and the strong thickness  recall the  

solidity of family tradition

and the strong  link with the land and origins.

Year 2017

Viano Michele Winery (Vezza D'Alba)

Designer Vittoria Masdea,  Inlay

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Series of fire-carved slatted tables,

made on commission from the Ettore Germano winery

Each table celebrates the name of a wine

hosting the name carved in fire.

Year 2017

Ettore Germano Winery (Serralunga d'Alba)

Designer Vittoria Masdea & Sergio Germano, Fire Intaglio

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Photos with drawings and details



Tables in natural chestnut inlaid with fire

depicting panoramas and glimpses of the Langa

made on commission for

the Municipal Cellar of Castiglione Falletto

Year 2017

Municipal Cellar of Castiglione Falletto

  (Castiglione Falletto)

Designer Vittoria Masdea, Fire Carving

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Luca and Daniela entrusted us with the task

to create the Desire for Wine Service Counter,

playing with the VM Clusters to create a collage

dimensional that develops along the perimeter

Year 2016

Craving for Wine (Alba)

Designer Vittoria Masdea, Inlay

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Flavio and Daniela wanted to celebrate their love

for the Hazelnut and for our territory with a design

firm but gentle, who wants to recreate the shrub of

Core playing with the inclination of the shelves e

with the warm tone of wood.

Year 2018

Hazelnuts from Alba (Alba)

Designer Vittoria Masdea

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Shop Ettore Germano


The design of the Ettore Germano Shop develops the contrast between

the natural iron of the displays and the warmth of the wood, embellished by the dovetail joints and the workmanship

wrought iron craftsmanship.

Year 2018

Shop Ettore Germano (Serralunga)

Designer Vittoria Masdea & Elena Bonelli

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Millecavalli table


Tense and minimal lines for this representative table

which celebrates the shapes of the Ipercar Mazzanti Millecavalli,

made of solid chestnut by inlaying the lines

sinuous lines of Millecavalli over the entire surface.

Year 2019 (in progress)

Mazzanti Automobili (Pontedera, Italy)

Designer Vittoria Masdea, Inlay

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LAUDACE food Trolley


The lines of LAUDACE are aerodynamic and sinuous.

It was conceived for cutting raw ham with a knife but also as a design trolley for serving at the table

with elegance, style and refinement  

Year 2017

Designer Vittoria Masdea

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Bistrot del Duomo breadbox


Artistic Cutboard

Year 2018

Designer Vittoria Masdea

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