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Luxury Pieces of Wood

Luxury Pieces of Wood


VmGuarene is a sartorial reality

which is aimed  an attentive and demanding clientele.

Our creations are pieces for connoisseurs finished like jewels, handcrafted with the ingenuity, attention and respect that no machine can ever replicate.

We are not interested in large numbers.

Each object  represents the maximum expression of quality, attention to detail and reliability of the service.

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The Truffle Slicer


We are the custodians of a knowledge of the Truffle

which is handed down in Alba

from generation to generation:  

aroma and flavor  they reach their peak

through very thin and uniform sipes

The robust and precise adjustment mechanism *,

the razor sharp professional blade *

and the sliding finish *

allow a repeated and very thin cut,

adjustable in function

of the characteristics of the truffle.

Weight balance and ergonomics

  they ensure the ultimate in practicality and comfort

* exclusive VMGUARENE patent

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Taylor Made design

Artisanal Craftmanship

Made in Italy

The VmGuarene Design

it contains the inspiration and creativity of the designer

Victory Masdea  


The pursuit of excellence and constant innovation  they satisfy a clientele that requires customized products of high craftsmanship and high aesthetic value.

  The entire production chain and raw materials

they are strictly Made in Italy

and are subjected to detailed quality compliance checks at every stage of processing.

Each product is finished and assembled

strictly by hand with great dexterity

and respecting the Italian artisan tradition.

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Our products are made  using

  PFSC certified first cut wood.

We cooperate exclusively

with local Italian companies

  reducing the environmental impact,

energy consumption and logistics.

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VMGUARENE by Vittoria Masdea

Via Alessandro Roero, 22

12050 Guarene (CN), Italy

Tel. +039 3477471879


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Luxury Pieces of Wood

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